Netflix looking towards recommendations-based future

Netflix is looking towards a future where its interface largely nixes the current navigation setup in favor of one that is primarily recommendations-based. It is suggested the system will offer up just a few choices based on the user's preferences.

The information comes from Netflix's Chief Product officer Neil Hunt, who discussed it during the company's Internet Week keynote speech. He points out that it isn't exactly possible for the system to offer up a single ideal suggestion, but that only three or four might be offered in a future interface.

He called the new interface a "powerful possibility," and went on to say that, "[Netflix's] vision is, you won't see a grid and you won't see a sea of titles." Which could be good news for some, and perhaps an annoyance for those who find something to watch via endless scrolling.

He went on to discuss related topics, touching on the idea of personalized "channels" for TV watchers of the future, as well as services that drop advertisements or drastically shift the way ads are delivered. Shows will also — in the future — be free to break from the common 21 minute and 42 minute time slots, he suggested.

SOURCE: TechCrunch