Netflix lands entire Showtime series Dexter

Netflix is the most popular subscription video streaming service around. Netflix is always looking for new shows and content to make its service even more popular for viewers. Recently Netflix announced that it was considering offering some big motion pictures for streaming the same day they were available in theaters.

As interesting as being able watch new release motion pictures at home is, a lot of people will be more interested to hear that Netflix has signed a new agreement with CBS Corporation that will bring one of the most popular Showtime television series to Netflix in its entirety. CBS and Netflix have signed a deal that will see the entire serial killer series Dexter available for Netflix streaming.

The deal between Netflix and CBS will see all eight seasons of the television show available for streaming in the US starting on October 31. On Halloween, the first four seasons of the series will be available to watch instantly. The remaining four seasons of the hit drama will land on Netflix on January 1.

This is great news for people who either don't have Showtime or don't like spending money on television shows on DVD. Dexter is a series telling the story of Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who kills bad guys by night and works as a forensics expert for the Miami Police Department during the day. Dexter just wrapped up its eighth and final season on Showtime.

SOURCE: Netflix