Netflix Kids profile redesign adds show characters for young users

Netflix has kids' profiles that enable parents to restrict young children to age-appropriate content. This is a great tool, but one limited by the child's ability to read and find what they want. Here to address that is a Kids profile redesign that adds a new row featuring show characters and the content that features them rather than written titles.

Kids operate using a visual language, one dominated by bold colors and simple designs. That should make Netflix's redesigned Kids profiles more appealing to young users who will see a new 'Favorites' row that features a total of five show characters above their movies and TV shows.

According to Variety, Netflix is rolling out the redesigned profile to users around the globe, though it may take a while before you see it in your own account. The change will appear on the Netflix app for connected TVs; it's unclear whether the company plans to add the change on other platforms.

The new design follows a test Netflix conducted, according to the report, which revealed that kids embraced the visual nature of the new row. The content presented in the row will be personalized to the user, presenting the characters for the movies and shows that the child watches most often — including both Netflix Originals and third-party content.

The row won't be something that parents can control, but nothing about the parental controls will change with this redesign. Whether the new character-based visual row has encouraged kids to watch more content remains unknown.