Netflix just revealed its next original Castlevania anime series

Back in April, Netflix confirmed that its Castlevania anime series would end with its fourth season, but a report claimed that the show wouldn't be the end of the wider universe. Netflix has now confirmed that it has a Castlevania spinoff series in the pipeline, one that will be set much (much) later than the first series.

The Castlevania spinoff series was announced as part of Netflix Geeked Week, a five-day event that includes announcements, trailers, and other materials related to a wide variety of content. Netflix announced the new anime spinoff in an image on its Geeked Twitter account, but it didn't have too many details.

Though we don't yet know what the spinoff anime will be titled, Netflix did provide the following brief description of the show:

An all-new series in the Castlevania Universe starring Richter Belmont, the great great great great great great great great great great great grandson of Sypha and Trevor, and Maria Renard, set in 1792 France during the French Revolution.

Netflix hasn't revealed a release date for the series yet. The fourth season of the Castlevania anime was released on May 13, so it'll likely be at least a year before we get the first season of the spinoff series. Check out Netflix's Geeked Twitter account for other announcements, teasers, and content dropping as part of the event.