Netflix just revealed its 10 most popular original movies

Netflix has revealed an updated list of its 10 most-watched original movies, a list that is in the process of shifting with Zack Synder's Army of the Dead climbing its way into the ranking. The newly released zombie original — which was also Netflix's biggest theatrical debut — is currently tied for ninth place.

Netflix premiered Army of the Dead in 600 Cinemark theaters a week before it released the movie on its streaming service, a twist on the way it usually launches its original movies. According to Deadline, which received an updated 10 most-watched list from Netflix, Army of the Dead raked in 72 million household streams in its first four weeks.

With that figure, the movie is currently tied with The Midnight Sky for ninth place on the list, which includes other notable works like Enola Holmes and Bird Box. The list provides interesting insight into the kind of content Netflix fans have enjoyed, with the top titles skewing toward the action-adventure genre.

Though the movie has relatively poor ratings, the high household viewership numbers appear to be enough to satisfy Netflix, which plans a prequel movie set for release later this year. As well, Netflix plans to expand upon this zombie universe with an anime series called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

As for the most-watched Netflix originals, Deadline reveals them as:

1. Extraction (99 million view)

2. Bird Box (89 million views)

3. Spenser Confidential (85 million views)

4. 6 Underground (83 million views)

5. Murder Mystery (83 million views)

6. The Old Guard (78 million views)

7. Enola Holmes (76 million views)

8. Project Power (75 million views)

9. The Midnight Sky and Army of the Dead (Both at 72 million views)