Netflix just canceled two popular originals because of the pandemic

Netflix has canceled two original shows that, despite being new to the platform, have both enjoyed solid ratings from viewers and critics. The reason in this case had nothing to do with the shows' popularity and was instead triggered by pandemic-related issues. In one case, Netflix had already ordered a second season, something it has to reverse as part of this new decision.

Despite the popularity both shows experienced in their first seasons, neither The Society nor I Am Not Okay With This will get a second season, according to Deadline. Netflix had officially ordered a second season for The Society, something it had to take back in light of this change.

The report claims that though the company hadn't taken the step of publicly announcing the order, it was allegedly fully planning to release a second season of I Am Not Okay With This, as well. Both shows, as with hundreds of other movies and TV shows, had their production impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused everything from suspended filming to movie theater closures.

The Society debuted in May 2019 and was described as a modern version of Lord of the Flies, revolving around teenagers who returned home to find all of the adults in their town missing. I Am Not Okay With This, meanwhile, was based on a graphic novel about a teenager who is having to learn about their sexuality and superpower at the same time.

According to Deadline, Netflix elected not to proceed with these originals because of the uncertainty around their production due to the pandemic. Issues cited as problematic included troubles getting all of the cast together — it's unclear whether any were reluctant to work over the risk — as well as budget increases related to the pandemic, among other things.