Netflix is considering streaming movies to the Xbox 360

I decided to subscribe to Netflix a couple of months ago, which has given me a chance to catch up on some of the movies I've been wanting to see for a little while. They stared offering me unlimited streaming movies a little while ago, which was nice and all, but I don't use it in my living room. I use my Xbox 360 for all of my movie-watching needs (especially since it plays DivX now), so I really don't feel like hooking my old HTPC back up. Well apparently Netflix is considering letting me stream movies from my 360, instead of just my PC.

Some Netflix users are being prompted with a survey asking if they would be likely to stream movies to their TV with an Xbox 360, were the option available to them. I've browsed the site a few times since then and even watched a movie with their service, but thus far haven't had any luck getting the survey.

I'd be curious to see if they also were considering the PS3 for this as well. Since the streaming movies require Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to work, I'm not thinking this will happen in the near future, but who knows?

[via UberGizmo]