Netflix introduces Netflix Social to share favorite movies and shows with friends

I bet you wish you could share all the fascinating things you're watching on Netflix with friends, and thanks to a new feature that Netflix announced today, you finally can. Netflix Social is the company's first attempt at getting in on the social networking buzz with Facebook, and it allows you to see what's popular among your friends.

Netflix uses Facebook to connect you with all of your friends that use Netflix, so once you connect your Netflix account to Facebook and agree to share the content you're watching, you'll see two new rows show up on the Netflix homepage, one of which is "Friends' Favorites," where you can browse through the movies and shows that your friends enjoy.

The other row is called "Watched By Your Friends," and it consists of movies and shows that your friends have recently watched. It provides a list of all your Facebook friends who are on Netflix, and you can cycle through individual friends to see what they recently watched. This is an unfiltered list, meaning that it shows all the movies and TV shows that your friends have agreed to share.

Of course, you can control what you share and what you don't want to share, so if there's a movie or TV show that you watch, but you don't want to share it with your friends, you can simply click on the "Don't Share This" button under each item. Netflix is rolling out the feature over the next couple of days, and the company says that all US members will have access to Netflix social by the end of the week.