Netflix introduces ISP Speed Index, shows the fastest and slowest ISPs

Have you ever wondered how your Netflix experience stacks up compared to that of other users? Netflix mas made it easy to satisfy that curiosity by introducing its ISP Speed Index, which lists the fastest and slowest ISP for different countries based on information gleaned from its users, as well as the overall average speed for each country.

Of course, this isn't the first time Netflix has revealed such information, having released a graph on the performance of top networks back in 2011. That information was harder to sort through, however, and far less appealing to the eye. With the ISP Speed Index, the information has been aggregated in a single location, with easily digestible information and the ability to pull up data for eight countries.

According to Netflix, 33 million customers stream in excess of a billion hours of video every month, providing ample data. Streaming data has been provided for the US, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Mexico. The US rounds out the list with both the fastest and slowest ISP speeds, while Mexico comes in at the bottom of the list for highest speed, and second from bottom (after the US) in the lowest speed category.

Mexico has the lowest overall speed at 1.65Mbps, however, while Finland has the top overall speed at 2.57Mbps. For the United States, Google Fiber comes in as #1 with 3.35Mbps, while Clearwire comes in last at 1.25Mbps; the average speed is 2.3Mbps. The UK's speeds are a tad less polarized, with Virgin beating out the rest of its competition at 2.37Mbps, and EVERYTHINGEVERYWHERE coming in last with 1.77Mbps; the average speed is 2.07Mbps.

[via Netflix]