Netflix interactive shows let kids decide what happens next

Netflix has introduced a new type of content that lets viewers get involved in the storyline by choosing what happens next. The technology is coming to Netflix's Puss in Boots kids show, introducing them to a non-linear story in which pivotal moments are chosen by the kid (or adult!) watching. The idea isn't dissimilar to the "Choose Your Own Adventure Book" series that used to be popular.

We first heard word about this interactive content back in March, when a leak led to confirmation from Netflix that a test of sorts was underway. Now that test has apparently snowballed into an actual product, which Netflix introduced earlier today. The company explains that during an episode's progression, the viewer will be prompted to choose which direction the story takes.

For example, when Puss in Boots meets some bears, the viewer chooses whether they become friends or enemies. The company is introducing this new type of storytelling in two episodes, one being the Puss in Boots episode "An Epic Tale" and another called "Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile."

Netflix calls this a Kids Interactive Adventure, adding just a touch of gaming-style interaction into the TV shows. Check out the video above to see the technology in action. The Puss in Boots episode is available to watch now, while the other won't arrive until July 14. Yet another, "Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout" will arrive in 2018. Whether we'll see this technology arrive in future shows is unclear.

SOURCE: Netflix