Netflix instant-streaming for Nintendo Wii?

A recent Netflix survey has suggested the possibility of the company's streaming DVD rental appearing on the Nintendo Wii.  According to the survey, the system would require a "Netflix Instant Streaming Disc" – at a one-off cost of $9.99 – which would be loaded into the console whenever titles from the user's Netflix subscription were to be streamed.

Obviously the user would have to already subscribe to Netflix as well as connect their Wii to the internet.  It's unclear whether subscribers would be able to search, add or queue titles directly from the Wii Netflix interface, or if that – like on many streamers - would have to be done on a separate PC.  Considering the Wii has a browser, we'd presume you could manage the list directly from the console.

It seems a little churlish to ask for $9.99 for a software DVD when Nintendo and Netflix could potentially release a firmware update to enable the functionality, but functionality gift-horses should perhaps not be looked in the mouth.  No official word from Netflix or Nintendo on whether this is destined to be a commercially-available service or merely survey fodder.

[via Engadget]