Netflix instant scene replay feature appears as test for some users

Netflix is testing a new feature that enables users to instantly replay a scene. The new ability — which isn't a permanent option at this point — is only available on Netflix's original content and for certain pre-determined scenes. The feature is offered on both TV and mobile platforms for users who have access to it.

Netflix often tests features, some that it doesn't ultimately roll out as permanent features. That may be the case for the new instant scene-replay functionality, which Netflix has confirmed without further elaboration. It's unclear how many users have access to the feature, as well as which regions it is being tested in.

The idea is that some scenes in a TV show or movie may be particularly exciting and the viewer may want to watch them again. The option to rewind is always present, of course, but is a hassle and may require the user to try a couple times to find the right spot. Netflix's new feature eliminates that hassle by presenting a pop-up with the replay option.

The pop-up appears for certain scenes in original Netflix content when the user is watching a supported video. Tapping/clicking the pop-up takes users back to the beginning of that scene, making it easy to watch it a second (or third, etc) time. Based on current reports about the feature, it seems the pop-up automatically appears when a replay is available.

The unwanted pop-ups ruin the movie's immersion, according to some users who are seeing it. Many users have described its sudden appearance as disruptive; if Netflix does add instant replay as a permanent feature, it's possible the final version will be tweaked to only appear when the video is paused, but that's yet to be seen.