Netflix hit with theatrical miniseries movie proposal

Netflix has recently been toying with the idea of streaming a big theatrical movie the same day it is released in theaters, and according to Business Insider, that might not be the only industry shake up it could participate in. A proposal has been made to the video streaming service that would add a dose of nostalgic influence to theatrical movies — having a miniseries appear in theaters every few months, streaming shortly after on Netflix.

The idea is that back before TV was a more commonplace item and means for serial storytelling, theaters would play regular serials that were much the same as modern television shows, offering cliffhangers and progressive plotlines. A proposal has been made to Netflix about reviving this sort of theatrical offering, according to a source that spoke to Business Insider.

Where the proposal came from wasn't specified, but Netflix is said to be in negotiations over it. The idea is that movie studios will create miniseries that average 10 episodes. A new episode would be released in theaters every two or so months, and then about four weeks after the theatrical release Netflix would begin streaming it exclusively.

While the idea is intriguing, the question is whether the viewing public will go for such a thing, or if the duration between "episodes" is long enough that individuals won't want to wait. With Netflix taking four weeks to get the episodes and there being four more before the next episode releases, the wait will be much longer than equivalent shows on cable networks.

SOURCE: Business Insider