Netflix 'History of Swear Words' comedy includes Nicolas Cage screaming

Netflix is gearing up to release a couple of new originals, one of which is a series called History of Swear Words hosted by Nicolas Cage. As you'd expect given the nature of the show and its host, the trailer kicks things off with Cage dramatically screaming a curse word, introducing an educational exploration of these words.

Netflix released the trailer for its comedy special today, stating that viewers will get to learn about the history of cursing in a six-part series mixed with a fair bit of humor. The trailer introduces a number of the people participating in the special, not the least of which is the best possible host for this kind of show: Nicolas Cage.

Warning: The trailer contains quite a bit of NSFW language.

At two minutes in length, the trailer providers a good look at what the comedy special will include — it seems like popular myths surrounding the origins of these words will be included, as well as commentaries on how the words evolved in society and the ways they can even be beneficial (hint: it involves a bucket of ice water).

As revealed in the trailer, other celebrities who are part of the show include Jim Jefferies, Nick Offerman, and Sarah Silverman, among others. You'll be able to stream it on Netflix starting January 5, 2021. Head over to the comedy's Netflix page to get an alert when it arrives.

History of Swear Words is one of the multiple comedy originals Netflix plans to premiere in upcoming days. Ahead of its release will come Death to 2020 on December 27, introducing viewers to a star-studded faux documentary that taps fictional experts for commentary on the past year.