Netflix gaming bundle could take on Apple Arcade next year

New game streaming or game rental services have sometimes been referred to as the "Netflix for games". Wouldn't it be funny, however, if Netflix actually became the Netflix of games? That seems to be the idea that has been floating around the Internet these past days, allegedly confirmed by many insider sources. Unsurprisingly, if it ever does try to jump into that arena, it will reportedly be taking a more cautious and more modest approach in trying to outdo Apple at its own game, no pun intended.

Netflix is no stranger to gaming. In addition to straight out interactive content like the popular Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, it also has a sizeable list of titles based on games like Castlevania, Dota, and, of course, The Witcher. Stepping into the actual gaming market is unsurprising yet also a bit odd for the company.

Except that's exactly where Netflix is heading, according to various sources. The video streaming giant has reportedly set its sights on hiring an executive just for its gaming efforts. The company hasn't confirmed those rumors but its statement pretty much leaves the door open for more "interactive entertainment".

According to Axiom's sources, Netflix's gaming subscription can be seen as a smaller Apple Arcade. It will also offer content based on licensed Netflix IP and commissioned games from indies. Best of all, the service will reportedly be ad-free.

Netflix doesn't seem to be in a rush, though, as the gaming subscription could launch in 2022 at the earliest, which leaves plenty of time to scrap the plan. It will definitely be interesting to see what form this new venture will take and if it can even make a dent in this still niche and small market despite the big name behind it.