Netflix gains exclusive web streaming with New Girl

Chris Burns - Jul 2, 2013
Netflix gains exclusive web streaming with New Girl

It would appear that the burgeoning comedy series New Girl will become Netflix next exclusive online series – and not just because Zooey Deschanel thinks it’s cute to watch television on a notebook. This deal appears to be kicking the show out from Hulu where it’s called home since birth – now you’ll be watching the full series on the big red network instead.

This is also only the latest in a line of exclusive deals that web-based video streaming companies have initiated. The show itself will still be shown on television, and indeed you will not be able to see episodes any earlier than you’d have been able on Hulu, but here you’ll get the whole mess of them at once if you wish.

This show has been on for several seasons and, for a while last season, had been rumored to be going the way of the dodo due to mixed reviews. Here it would seem that the cast and crew are ready to stick around for some time to come.


The addition of this show to Netflix exclusive series of shows is a bit more symbolic than it is game-changing. Netflix collection of home-made series grows at a rate roughly the same as they’ve added shows that appear on television before they hit the web, and with mid-tier additions like New Girl making their way to the network, it may only be a matter of time before they grab hold of more big-name beasts.

And keep shows alive, as well. How else would a show like Arrested Development been able to have a bonus season if not for the big N?

VIA: Bloomberg; Engadget

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