Netflix for iPad updated with picture-in-picture support

The last few Netflix for iOS updates have resulted in the same outcry: where is picture-in-picture support for all the iPad owners desperate to use it? Why hasn't it been added? Was Netflix purposely ignoring its users' requests? There was gnashing of teeth. People anguished. That ends today, though. Netflix has released an update for its iOS app that adds, among other things, support for picture-in-picture on the iPad.

As of this update, the Netflix for iOS app sits at version 8.7.0. Most notable among the changes is the addition of picture-in-picture support for iPads, which must be running iOS version 9.3.2 or later to work. It appears this update was most concerned with getting that feature out to iPad users, as everything else about it is unremarkable.

In addition to the new support, the update also adds some stability improvements and unspecified bug fixes 'throughout' the app. So in addition to more convenient viewing on your iPad, you may notice the app running better overall, and any little issues you've come across may be gone.

The update is available now in the iTunes Store. Once updated, those with applicable iPads can watch Netflix videos in a small window while the rest of the display is reserved for doing other things — chatting, browsing the web, working on a project, etc. Note that the Netflix iOS app received iPad Pro optimization with an update back in February.