Netflix for Android update streamlines binge watching

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 7, 2014
Netflix for Android update streamlines binge watching

Netflix presents a different viewing experience than traditional cable, and so it isn’t surprising that subscribers have taken to viewing content in a different way: namely, binge-watching. On certain platforms Netflix has made this easier using Post-Play, and today Android joins their ranks.

The announcement was made on the company’s blog late Friday, and with it comes an Android update available for download in the Google Play Store. Once updated, users will get the same Post-Play feature found with certain set-top boxes, online, and more.

The Post-Play feature works by, using a television series as an example, pulling up a small preview box in the bottom corner of the screen with the next episode in the series and a “Play” button in the middle, as well as a small description on the side.

You can immediately tap that Play button to go to the next episode, or wait 15 seconds for it to fire up on its own, giving you just enough time to make a beverage refill. The same feature also works with movies.

SOURCE: Netflix

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