Netflix Families teaches users about streaming, recommends family flicks

Craig Lloyd - Jun 18, 2013
Netflix Families teaches users about streaming, recommends family flicks

Netflix made a huge impact with the younger crowd when it introduced “Just for Kids,” a dedicated section of Netflix that recommends TV shows and movies for young children to watch on a Saturday afternoon. However, Netflix wants to bring the whole family together for movie night, and that’s why they have launched Netflix Families.

Netflix Families features different rows of curated content that is recommended for the household, and the content is recommended to appeal to all ages for families. Plus, the new section also teaches parents how streaming works and provides a breakdown of the basics on how to navigate your way around the Netflix user interface.

There’s different sections that include certain movies and TV shows that are appropriate for different situations. For example, “Family Movie Night” recommends movies that you can watch with your entire family during an evening, and “TV for Curious Kids” recommends movies and TV shows that are both interesting and educational.

While we weren’t expecting a dedicated Families section of Netflix, we have to say that we’re not too surprised by the move. Netflix has been adding more and more content for kids lately, including a recent deal with DreamWorks Animation and Disney for a slew of new children’s shows.

Furthermore, Netflix aims to add individual profiles to Netflix accounts later this summer, which is ideal for families and households with multiple users. Netflix Families could simply be the feature that prepares the individual profiles to launch in the near future. However, we’ll have to wait and see where this goes, but things are looking family-friendly for Netflix so far.

VIA: Bloomberg

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