Netflix debuts 'Flixtapes': shareable mixtapes for streaming video

If you grew up in the '70s or '80s, you likely remember mixtapes. If you didn't, a mixtape is like the physical form of a playlist; a collection of songs from different artists, usually grouped by a theme or mood, recorded on a single audio tape that could be shared between friends and romantic interests. Well, Netflix has just updated that ancient practice with a new feature called "Flixtapes" — a shareable playlist of movies and TV shows for, well, Netflix.

It's simple to use: Netflix subscribers can just head over to the Flixtape website and start creating a playlist from scratch. A Flixtape can include between three and six movies or shows — obviously limited to the service's current catalog — and it can be given a custom title before its shared with a specific person, or on social media with a simple link. Recipients do need to be Netflix subscribers themselves, however.

When you start creating your playlist, Netflix's always interesting algorithm will offer a few suggestions. These can easily be removed, and your Flixtape can be based on any theme you choose, from superhero movies to classic comedies, or even just a mashup of recent favorites.

If you don't feel like creating your own custom Flixtape, there's also several "made for you" pre-created options to choose from, which are based on titles in your viewing history. Whether you choose this or make your own, Netflix will automatically make the playlist look cool with a selection of designer graphics.

Probably the only downside at this point is that there's no way to create a Flixtape from the Netflix mobile app; users need to visit the actual website for the feature.

SOURCE Netflix