Netflix 'Death to 2020' comedy special will be a faux documentary

Netflix will soon be home to a new comedy special called Death to 2020 and it'll come in the form of a faux documentary. The special has tapped a number of comedians to star in the project, including Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Keery, Leslie Jones, and others. As you likely anticipate, the comedy will focus on 'the year you really don't want to remember.'

Netflix announced the new comedy special with a tweeted video teaser, one that doesn't include any actual footage from the faux-documentary. The project comes from the creators of Black Mirror and it will be available 'soon,' according to Netflix. The teaser trailer indicates that the project is still in production, but it's unclear how much work is left.

In a description shared by Variety, the comedy special will feature real archival footage from 2020 combined with the voices of fictional experts presenting a recap of this crazy year. We don't know much about the project at this time, but Hugh Grant did reveal earlier this month that he has the role of a historian.

The full special logline reads:

2020: A year so [insert adjective of choice here], even the creators of Black Mirror couldn't make it up... but that doesn't mean they don't have a little something to add. Death To 2020 is a comedy event that tells the story of the dreadful year that was — and perhaps still is? This landmark documentary-style special weaves together some of the world's most (fictitious) renowned voices with real-life archival footage spanning the past 12 months.

Unfortunately, that's all we know about the comedy special at this time — whether it will be available to stream before the end of the year is unclear, but we'll likely hear more details about the project in coming days.