Netflix changes 'Fuller House' plot to make it less depressing

Netflix, in what may be one of its more misguided reboots, has decided to bring back the 90s family-friendly television show Full House as a continuation of the original series. As we'd previously heard, it will feature some of the original cast, with the then-kids now being the show's adults going through life's mild follies and saccharine sweet learning moments. If you paid attention to the original announcement, you probably noticed something important: the storyline sounded really depressing. It seems Netflix noticed too, and it has done something about it.

In the original series, D.J Tanner was the oldest child, and in the upcoming Fuller House rehash she'll be the central adult. The originally planned Fuller House storyline planned to have her be a freshly widowed pregnant now-single mom trying to figure out how to get along in life now that it has been, you know, horribly and irreversibly altered.

That would be a pretty heavy way to kick off a show that will presumably follow in the former's footsteps, focusing more on the comedic moments and family-friendly edification than facilitating potential existential crises in the newest generation of doe-eyed viewers (the original series did have its serious moments, but it wasn't in your face about it most of the time).

Netflix, which will be launching the series next year, decided to do away with that storyline — or, more accurately put, shift it so that the emotional parts took place further in the past, making the viewers more removed from them and lightening the mood as a result. The baby will have been born by the start of the show.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter