Netflix CEO blasts Comcast over net neutrality

Comcast has already taken some heat over its Xfinity streaming media service, which offers up movies and TV shows to Xbox 360 users without eating into the ISP's 250GB data cap. At the time, Comcast say that they weren't violating any net neutrality rules, claiming that the Xbox 360 streaming didn't travel over the public internet. CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, doesn't think too highly of Comcast's move, and has criticized the ISP over the issue.

Posting to Facebook, Hastings described how he watched different streaming services on his television using Comcast as the ISP. When he was watching Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO, all of those services ate into his allowed data cap, while Comcast's own Xfinity service didn't. Hastings says that Comcast should "apply caps equally, or not at all."

Hastings lays out how all the services are using the same IP address, the same device, and the same internet connection, yet different data cap treatments apply, asking "in what way is this neutral?" Comcast representatives were asked to comment, but haven't done so as of yet.

The Netflix CEO has spoken out against ISPs before, failing to see where the high data prices were coming from. At a tech conference back in February, Hastings quipped that Comcast had a "92 percent operating margin" and that there wasn't any financial pressure on ISPs, saying that they were "making a fortune."

[via CNET]