Netflix brings DVD only plan back for $7.99 monthly

The fury that Netflix generated when it axed the DVD only plan a while back was swift and harsh. There were many angry people that didn't want streaming and only wanted mail order DVD rentals. Netflix has announced officially that the DVD only plan is back and users can sign up for it right now for $7.99 monthly.

Eligible customers can get a free one-month trial of the service to see if they like it. Netflix has a library of 100,000 DVD titles and had previously wanted to shift the bulk of its users over to streaming. It's easier and likely cheaper for Netflix to have everyone on streaming rather than some using mail-order DVDs with the costs of postage and processing.

This is part of the results of canceling Qwikster plans by Netflix. Last year Netflix had the bright idea to split out DVD rentals under the Qwikster brand and leave Netflix with video streaming only as two separate services with two separate charges. This plan quickly cost Netflix about 800,000 users as customers around the country walked away. Technically, this "new" DVD only plan is a return of what we had before. I also found it more than a little amusing as a Netflix streaming subscriber, that when I click on the link that is supposed to take me to the DVD only landing page I am automatically redirected to my streaming account.