Netflix adds comedy clips feature Fast Laughs to iOS app

Netflix has introduced a new feature in its mobile apps that enable users to quickly scroll through comedy video clips, react to the content, add the specials and movies to their playlist, and share the clips with other people. The feature uses a TikTok-like vertical video style, appealing to mobile users who typically consume short-form videos.

The new Netflix feature is only available to mobile users, ultimately making it simple to enjoy some standup comedy, funny scenes from movies and more, in a short period of time. While watching the comedy clips, you may discover new content you want to finish watching later on.

To do so, the user merely has to tap the 'My List' option on the clip, which will add the show, movie, or comedy special to their saved content list. As well, users can react to the clips with an 'LOL' emoji reaction or share the clips with others using the dedicated share button.

The comedy feed is auto-playing and, according to Variety, will show up to 100 comedy clips every day. The clips range from 15 or seconds in length up to nearly a minute, depending on the video. The feature is available for English-speaking users.

The big downside at this point in time is the one big limitation: Fast Laughs is only available on iOS devices right now, though Netflix is working on a version for Android that will arrive sometime later this year.