Netflix adds cheaper mobile-only plan for some customers

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 14, 2018, 8:10pm CST
Netflix adds cheaper mobile-only plan for some customers

Netflix has started testing a mobile-only plan in Malaysia, where users are offered access for the equivalent of only about $4/month. The test follows a recent interview with company CEO Reed Hastings, who stated that Netflix was interested in experimenting with different, cheaper pricing plans in select markets as a way to bring in new customers.

The new mobile-only plan option has appeared for users in Malaysia, according to local publication The Sun. A screenshot of the new option shows the monthly price RM17, or about $4 USD, with pretty big limitations: users can only access the service on a mobile device and only in standard definition.

The mobile-only plan joins the existing Standard and Premium options, both of which are substantially more expensive at RM42 and RM51. A “Basic” plan is also offered at RM33 that bridges the gap, also being limited to standard definition but with support for non-mobile devices.

The plan reportedly comes with the same unlimited access to on-demand content. The mobile plan is only presented as an option to users who access the plan tiers using a smartphone or tablet. It’s unclear if any other regions are also seeing the new mobile-only plan at this time.

The change follows a recent interview by Bloomberg in which it was revealed that Netflix would test cheaper plans in Asia as a way to draw in new customers. The lower rate better targets certain potential subscribers and is more inline with local competing services. The same report indicated that other markets may see a price increase, but it doesn’t appear there have been any rate hikes at this time.

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