Nestlé will start eliminating packaged plastic straws next month

Nestlé has announced specific plans that will help it meet its previously stated goal of using 100-percent reusable and/or recyclable packaging by 2025. Among the first changes will be the phasing out of plastic straws from its products, a process that will begin starting next month. Instead of plastic straws, Nestlé plans to offer "innovative designs" and alternatives like paper materials.

Plastic straws, which are almost always used once before being discarded, are a major contributor to plastic waste that ends up in water systems. Last year, Starbucks announced its own plan to phase out the use of plastic single-use straws in favor of unique lid designs and paper-based disposable straws.

In addition to eliminating plastic straws from its products, Nestlé plans to deploy a paper packaging for its Nesquik product starting some time in Q1 2019. Paper packing will also be introduced later this summer for the company's Yes! snack bar. Though a specific time frame wasn't provided, consumers can expect to see "Smarties" get paper packaging some time this year and Milo to start using paper pouches in 2020.

Looking into the future, Nestlé Waters will increase its recycled PET content in water bottles to 50-percent in the US by 2025, and to 35-percent globally. The company will focus this effort on its Poland Spring brand in the US, and is aiming to reaching 50-percent by the same date in its European brands, including Buxton and Acqua Panna.

Other planned changes include the exploration of new packaging alternatives, including recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable polymers and paper-based materials. Nestlé is working with Danimer Scientific on a new type of water bottle that is marine biodegradable, plus it will work with PureCycle Technologies food-grade polypropylene .