Nestle tests realistic plant-based shrimp and eggs amid vegan trend

Nestle has announced the launch of two new plant-based food products meant to serve as alternatives to shrimp and eggs. The company uses a variety of plant-based proteins and other ingredients to mimic the texture and appearance of eggs and shrimp without animal-based products, meaning both products are suitable for vegans.

Nestle calls its new plant-based egg alternative 'Garden Gourmet vEGGie.' The product is made using omega-3 fatty acids and soy protein; Nestle says the product can be scrambled like actual eggs, making it suitable for use as a substitute for recipes that require eggs. According to the company, vEGGie has a Nutri-Score A rating in Europe.

The new plant-based shrimp alternative, meanwhile, is called Garden Gourmet Vrimp, and it is likewise made from a variety of plant ingredients. Nestle says its shrimp alternative features peas, konjac root, and seaweed, offering an "authentic texture and flavor" while reaching a Nutri-Score B rating in Europe.

Nestle says that among other things, its plant-based 'vrimp' can be stir-fried like actual shrimp. The company previously launched a plant-based tuna alternative called 'Vuna' in select European countries, including Germany and Italy. While plant-based meat alternatives have become more popular, seafood varieties are less common.

Nestle is launching its shrimp and egg alternatives in some German and Swiss stores as test markets for the products. Both Vrimp and vEGGie were developed in Germany and Switzerland at Nestle Research and R&D Center. It's unclear when the company plans to expand the availability of these products to other markets.