Nest WiFi routers get a key feature for working from home

If you've spent this year working from home, there's a good chance you use video conferencing software like Zoom. As tends to be the case in a home full of people, there's also a good chance that someone, at some point, has streamed movies or downloaded games at the same time, causing the video conference quality to drop drastically. Nest WiFi router owners now have a direct solution to this problem.

Nest WiFi is the latest router to get a prioritization feature, one that includes a setting for our newly experienced working environment: video conferencing. Users report seeing the new prioritization feature appear in the Nest app, enabling them to give these apps priority over other activities like Netflix and YouTube streaming.

Users can likewise enable gaming as a priority, which should help reduce any ping issues that may arise if others on the network are hogging the bandwidth. Users can enable both options if they'd like, manually turning them off and on as necessary.

As noted by Android Police, the Nest WiFi settings in the Home app specifies that the video conferencing priority setting includes Zoom and Google Meet, while the gaming setting mentions that it includes Stadia. Google's release notes for the firmware update also details a few other changes for Nest WiFi routers.

Other changes include the ability to view WiFi events in the Google Home app's feed, including when devices fail to connect because of password problems, poor mesh network coverage, connection troubles caused by poor coverage, and similar things. Users can also expect increased reliability when it comes to high rate data frames and general improvements.