Nest earmarks 1 million Thermostat E units for low-income homes

Nest is helping address the energy burden in America with Power Project, an initiative that earmarks 1 million Nest Thermostat E units for low-income homes. The devices will be provided to needy homes in partnership with energy companies, non-profits, and housing agencies over the next five years, says Nest. Recipients are promised them "at little or no cost."

Power Project kicks off on Earth Day 2018 (that's Sunday, April 22). Under it, Nest aims to increase awareness of the issue surrounding excessive home energy costs. According to the company, one out of five families in the US spend at least 20-percent of their monthly income on energy, a burden that often requires sacrifices in other vital budget categories.

High costs force some families to reduce their energy usage in drastic ways, such as living with inadequate heating/cooling. These issues feed a vicious cycle, though, increasing rates of illnesses and poor grades that further threaten both current and future income, making it harder for the individual to break the cycle.

In addition to raising awareness, Nest is providing entities with one million smart thermostats at "special pricing," helping them ultimately offer the units to low-income families for up to zero cost. The idea seems to be that a smart thermostat will help manage energy usage, increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses.

As well, Nest says it is partnering with Habitat for Humanity; it'll donate a Nest Thermostat E for installation in every home the charity builds in the US this year. In addition, thermostat sales that take place between April 16 and April 30 will have 10-percent of the proceeds donated to charities like Habitat.

SOURCE: Nest Power Project