NES Turned Into a Coffee Table [Video]

We can now say it's a phenomenon. After showcasing the iPhone 4 table, and wondering aloud if this was something that would really sweep over the nation (nay, the world), here's another one of our favorite pieces of technology coming out of the gloom of yester-year, and being transformed into something entirely useful in its own right. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a coffee table built to look exactly like the Nintendo Entertainment System.

There are a few differences from those other pieces of gadget-oriented furniture. First, there's a video. Also, you can open up the front cartridge door for storage of controllers, remote controls, or the large functioning Nintendo controller that was built, too. There's also storage in the back, if the front isn't enough for you. Also, those controller ports on the front? Those are functioning power outlets that the designer, Matt, uses to charge things like his laptop.

We were skeptical at first, but now we've got to admit that we like this new phase of Do-It-Yourself goodness. Anything that can put our favorite gadgets into the realm of furniture, and make it look absolutely ridiculously cool at the same time gets our seal of approval. And, for the record, an NES coffee table might earn two, just by default.

[via Kotaku]