NES Controller Hacked To Control iPad Game

Have you ever wished you had a controller when playing your favorite iPad games? The large screen can sometimes make movements and actions a little unnatural when playing. Joven of ProtoDojo has answered your call by combining an old NES controller, Arduino, and some micro servos to finally give you a controller for your favorite iPad games. Watch his video demo after the jump.

Joven has hacked the NES controller using Arduino to control the micro servos he's attached with suction cups to the screen of the iPad. The micro servos have custom arms on them that simulate the swipes and touches your fingers would normally perform while playing a game. Joven demonstrated the calibration and use of the new system on his favorite iPad game, Reckless Racing.

After some initial adjustments, you can see that the micro servos respond very quickly with the NES controller and the control is very nice. The micro servos are small enough to perform many actions and can attach anywhere on the screen with their suction cups. It's a fun concept Joven has cooked up with a little hard work and ingenuity.