NES Classic Edition now in stock for Walmart's lucky few

The NES Classic Edition appeared in stock in small numbers at various Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buys this weekend. Speaking with SlashGear on condition of anonymity, sources confirmed that orders from administration forced (or will force soon) remaining stock onto store shelves. As such, on both Saturday and Sunday, hidden stock appeared in several stores in several major metropolitan areas inside the USA.

At this time it does not appear that Amazon was or will be affected by this situation. Remaining stock may have been held back by employees hoping to set units out during off-hours at stores. This is a giant no-no for all products, of course, not just the NES Classic, so we're not surprised that any remaining stock would be ushered onto shelves as soon as it was found.

It IS possible that more NES Classic Edition consoles will hit store shelves this week. It remains extremely unlikely that customers will see this stock unless they remain in close contact with store electronics departments. The electronics department of Walmart, that is to say, or employees in charge of stock at Best Buy or Toys R Us.

Target was rumored to have stock of the NES Classic Edition at some point in the next two weeks. It is unlikely that the store will have stock revealed for Black Friday. "Cyber" Monday, on the other hand, might not be the worst day to check in with the store as early in the morning as possible.

No reports have appeared from GameStop stores at this time, believe it or not. While we've certainly been privy to whispers about employees holding back product, buying it themselves and selling to eBay before, GameStop seems to be innocent with this console so far. GameStop's several Bundles of the console have been sold out since the 15th of November.

Have a peek at NowInStock at to follow stock online, and let us know what you find. Those lucky enough to find an NES Classic Edition should rejoice and hesitate flipping. Those still looking for an NES Classic Edition without luck should hesitate buying a flipped unit – and just wait out Nintendo for the inevitable SNES Classic Edition. You know good and well that the SNES Classic Edition is going to be a thing, eventually.