NES Classic Edition Details: Save Points, "Pixel Perfect" Mode

When Nintendo confirmed and revealed the teeny weeny NES Classic Edition, some might have seen it as an obvious money grab that appealed to the nostalgia factor alone, desperately trying to mask the company's inability to innovate in the gaming console market. While the nostalgia part may be true, the NES Classic Edition will apparently also have some modern amenities, aside from HDMI output, only seen in emulators. Apparently, the mini console will feature different display modes and, perhaps best of all, save points any time.

Considering the era in which the original NES was made, being able to save any time, any where was practically impossible even from a technical perspective. That was one of the limitations that almost each and every emulator, for almost any console or handheld, has tried to overcome. At least now that is something that Nintendo is officially supporting, somewhat.

In a radio interview, Nintendo of Canada communications manager Julie Gagnon revealed two important tidbits about the upcoming Classic Edition. The first is about save games, which will come in both fixed but permanent and instant but temporary modes. Hardcore old school gamers will probably try to play through some of the games exactly like in the old days, but at least there are options for those who prefer a less traumatic first or second experience.

The second newly disclosed feature are the display modes. Thanks to the magic of modern graphics technology and an HDMI output, the NES Classic will be able to cater to different aesthetic tastes. Want an honest to goodness old school CRT experience? It has that. A more modern higher res version? Yep, that too. There's even a "pixel perfect" mode where each pixel is really displayed as a square, perfect for connoisseurs.

The NES Classic Edition launches in November for $60 with one controller, while each additional controller will cost $10. It has a fixed set of 30 games, all of which, according to Gagnon, will support instant saves.

VIA: Nintendo Everything