Nero unveils new Nero Trigger camera remote

Shane McGlaun - Apr 8, 2013
Nero unveils new Nero Trigger camera remote

Nero has announced the launch of the new Nero Trigger remote camera trigger for photographers. The Nero Trigger has some very cool features that photographers will really appreciate. One of the interesting features is a Lightning Mode designed to allow photographers to take pictures of things like lightning strikes, fireworks, sparks, or other light sources.

This particular feature is able to sense sudden changes in light level and remotely trigger the camera immediately. This mode has adjustable sensitivity between one and 99 to fine-tune the camera activation depending on the environment. The remote also supports a Sound Mode that will trigger your camera to snap a picture as soon as a sound such as a popping balloon, breaking glass, or other noise is made.

The Sound Mode has a sensitivity that is adjustable between one and 999. It also supports a delay parameter of zero up to 999 ms. Another setting is Time Lapse Mode to automatically have your camera take photographs at a specific interval. One of the coolest features of the Nero Trigger is Laser Mode. Using this mode the photographer can shine a laser at the trigger even from a long distance and when the beam of the laser is broken the flash and camera will be activated to take a picture.

The Nero Trigger also supports HDR mode giving three parameters that can be fine tuned on the remote to optimize the photograph. The final mode is a new DIY mode and the trigger has a special DIY port on the side. That port allows the photographer to use external signal sources to trigger the camera. The Nero Trigger is available now for $199.

[via Nero Trigger]

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