Nerf Sniper Rifle for budding assassins

When I was little, if I wanted to play army games I had a cap gun and a little plastic pistol that clicked loudly when you pulled the trigger.  As I grew up, I saw young kids with dinky machine-guns that flashed and had digital sound effects.  Now, you're obviously not a cool assault-squad-pre-teen if you don't have your very own dart-firing, speed-loading sniper rifle.

This beast is called the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6, but all you really need to know is that it's more than three feet long, has a snap-on targeting scope and fires suction-cup Nerf darts up to 35 feet.  Two quick reload clips hold a maximum of twelve darts, should you have been employed to take out a large number of targets, and should your be nervous about becoming an assassin then you can steady yourself with the flip-out bi-pod stand.

Close-range combat is made easy too, as the rifle comes apart to leave a single-shot blaster.  All this for $29.99!  I think I want one.  Make sure you check out the commercials on Hasbro's site.

Nerf product page [via Dethroner]