Nerdy Love - Qwerty magnets

Tired of your classic alphabet magnets? Qwerty magnets has taken old keyboard keys and turned them into cute little magnets. This way you can flaunt to the entire world your true dorky colors. They have created a cute little valentines series with phrases like "LOVE U" and "MISS U". Personally I would love it if they came out with the full alphabet; then again I'm bad enough about having too much stuff on my fridge.

However, what are you supposed to do on those days that you don't miss them and would rather they go to, well you know. You need more letters like "F" and "A". Besides, for those of us who are in our twenties still we get a kick out of spelling out derogatory phrases on the fridge. Yes, I know we are in fact easily amused.

I'm sure that if you were all that worried about expanding on your keyboard magnets you could rig some up yourself. I personally have a stash of broken keyboards since in the middle of a game (classic Mario Bros.) I tend to take out my aggressions on the keyboard. This means the arrow keys go out really fast. I know there are those who want to be all mushy and gross with your cute little phrases; for those of you that do, these little guys cost $8.95 per phrase.

Spell it out for your lover with Qwerty Magnets by Secco [via Shiny Shiny]