Neonode N2 reaching vaporware hall of fame

James Allan Brady - Nov 23, 2007

Well, its not hard to find info or pics on the Neonode N2, but what is hard, is actually finding it on shelves. Press event after press event we see the Neonode N2, we hear all about its specs, but I have yet to even see a price let alone a ship date.

I take that back, there is a price, its 439 Euro, or about $600, for the SIM-free model, but that was a few months ago, and back then we actually thought we might see it hit retail sometime soon. The iPhone has surely by now stolen the market for those that would have bought such a device.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see this device before the second coming of the iPhone, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. But here are some new shots of the device from a Hungarian web site.

Exkluzív fotóbemutató: hazánkba jött a mobiltelefon ritkaság! [via terminal]

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