Neon Genesis Evangelion outfits Japan's most beautiful bullet train

Later this year you'll be baring witness to the most striking bullet train ever designed. With colors and design based on the Anime-sourced bot by the name of Evangelion Unit-01, this bullet train will pay tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Neon Evangelion series. This train will be outfitted with its brightly colored design from this fall until March of 2017, and will be running from Osaka to Fukuoaka Japan. At this time only concept paintings exist in the wild – the real deal is coming soon.

The bullet train you're seeing here is a 500 Series Shinkansen. According to Ikuto Yamashita, original lead mechs designer of Evangelion – designer of the Eva 01 – "I think the 500 Series is the best looking by far amongst the bullet trains."

Ikuto went on to describe how the futuristic vibe of the anime is reflected successfully in the design of the train. Ikuto also described how both the unique color scheme and the shape of the train contributed to a successful execution.

Hideaki Anno, original series director for Evangelion, also let it be known that the 500-series is the his favorite of all the bullet trains, and that he's very honored and gives thanks for the collaboration.

At this time the interior of the train has not yet been revealed, but it is suggested that it too will be getting a makeover. Whether or not it'll be similarly stylized or transformed to look like the inside of the mech, we've yet to see. Evangelion animator Hideaki Anno is overseeing the whole project.

VIA: 500type-EVA