NeoGeo X maker told to cease production and stop selling retro console

Shane McGlaun - Oct 7, 2013
NeoGeo X maker told to cease production and stop selling retro console

About a year ago, we mentioned that the NeoGeo X Gold game console would be launching around the world for $199.99. This device was a remake of a game console from years back that was to launch as part of the 20th anniversary celebration for the original NeoGeo game console. The new edition of the console was the result of a tie up between SNK Playmore and Tommo Inc.

Apparently the companies had some sort of falling out that has resulted in SNK ordering Tommo to cease all production and sales for the NeoGeo X Gold console. SNK is the owner of the technology behind the NeoGeo console and it has opted to terminate its license agreement with Tommo effective October 2 according to a notice on the SNK website.

The termination of the agreement means that the limited edition console will no longer be available nor will the game packs that were released along with it. The game packs included the NeoGeo X Mega Pack Vol 1 and NeoGeo X Classics Vol 1 through 5.

SNK also ordered Tommo to stop selling the NeoGeo X Arcade Stick and remove all existing stock of the controller from online and physical retail outlets. Despite the order, as of this weekend the products were still reportedly available via Amazon and other online retailers.

The SNK statement read:

In order to protect our intellectual property rights such as ‘NEOGEO’ and ‘SNK’, decisive measures will be taken against all unapproved NEOGEO X products not subject to the License Agreement.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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