Neo Smartpen N2 Digitizes Your Doodles, Is Now Available

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Back in October 2014, we saw the Neo Smartpen N2, which was bid as a way to write on paper and have everything recorded onto a mobile device or PC later on. The pen was put up on Kickstarter, and now more than half a year later it has launched for anyone to buy. This gives those who prefer to do their note-taking by hand an alternative to the Livescribe smartpen while offering many of its features. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

The idea behind smartpens is that a lot of us have a bunch of notes to make throughout the week, but not everyone likes to put them on their phone or tablet. Writing with pens is quick and simple, but has the unwanted effect of easily disappearing — maybe you scribbled someone's contact details last week and someone threw the paper out. Smartpens solve this issue by digitizing whatever you write and moving them to a searchable device like your smartphone.

The pen works with special paper, so don't think you can use it with whatever scrap of paper you have sitting around. Different notebook sizes and styles are offered, and prices range from nearly $15 to $21.90 depending on which one you choose.

The Neo Smartpen N2 is being offered on Amazon, where it is available in white and black versions for $169 USD. Review thus far have largely been favorable, though some have reported troubles with getting it to work with the mobile app and issues with the notebook. Have you tried it out? Let us know how it went!

SOURCE: Neo Smartpen