Nemotek shows off first wafer-level 720p HD camera module

Nemotek Technologie is a manufacturer of customized wafer-level cameras. The company announced the world's first wafer-level high-definition camera module called the Exiguus A15-B1. This camera module supports 720p HD resolution in an ultracompact form factor.

The camera offers dual element HD and reflowable wafer-level lenses that provide lower distortion, better resolution, and higher image quality. The camera also utilizes replicated lenses on glass wafers instead of traditional plastic. The manufacturer says that these features make the A15-B1 ideal for front-facing camera applications for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, gaming systems, and other portable devices.

The camera offers a 1/6-inch, 1.2 megapixel reflowable wafer-level camera solution with an active pixel array of 1296H x 976V. The camera module also has a CMOS image sensor and the embedded image processor featuring sophisticated functions such as automatic exposure control, automatic white balance, flicker avoidance, and defect correction.

The camera is able to capture 720p HD video at 30 frames per second and provides lowlight sensitivity during video recording. Other features of the camera module include automatic image enhancement, parallel and MIPI data outputs, and multi-camera synchronization. The manufacturer also says that the camera module can be directly reflowed onto the printed circuit board making system design and manufacturing easier and more cost-effective. The camera module is currently being sampled by manufacturing partners.