Need to touch up your makeup? Grab your keyboard

Are you aspiring to have a house made up of all things pink? Well this keyboard might help you along the way. This pink keyboard from Greybusters has a bit of a twist to it that makes it even more girl-friendly.

There are plenty of techie items that are all different shades of pink on the market but I like that this one has a small twist to it. It comes with a vanity mirror built into the wrist rest, which actually doesn't sound very comfortable. I know I am going to hate myself for saying this, but I could see why it would be great to have the little mirror. I know I'm probably going to get lynched in my sleep for that comment, but I do actually have a reason for saying it. I personally may not use the mirror, but I have worked in an office environment before. Most of the women that worked with me had their makeup at their desk and were constantly whipping out their powder to freshen up.

I'd say that this would be great for lip gloss, but those of us that use it on a regular basis can put it on in our sleep without a mirror handy anyway.

This keyboard helps apply makeup [via crave]