Need for Speed movie offers first look: fast cars and more fast cars

We've been hearing bits and pieces about the upcoming Need for Speed movie, which is based on the popular racing game series. However, this is our first look at what to expect when the movie inevitably releases next year in the spring. While it's nice to see footage from the movie for the first time, it's about what we expected: fast cars and cars crashes.

The movie started filming over a month ago in Macon, Georgia at a car wash. However, the scenes that we're seeing in this first video look to have been filmed out in the country on long, winding roads. The video gives us a glimpse at the cars that will be featured in the film, including a few Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Mustangs, and even a Saleen S7 thrown in there for good measure.

The movie's director, Scott Waugh, says that "Need for Speed is definitely accurate and authentic to real car racing culture." I'm sure he's really just trying to sell the movie and market it, but we're not so sure that the movie will be entirely accurate and authentic as Waugh says. Nonetheless, car racing culture includes fast cars, and this movie will definitely have a few of those.

Details on the film are a bit scarce at this point still, but as filming continues, we could hear more info in the future. However, we already know that Michael Keaton will star in the film, who is known for his roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1989 film, as well as Batman Returns in 1992. The movie will also star Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Dominic Cooper, and recording artist Kid Cudi.

Need for Speed looks to take on the Fast and Furious franchise, which has arguably been milked for all it's worth at this point, so it'll be nice to get a fresh racing movie into the ether that enthusiasts can enjoy, and hopefully it'll give the street racing movie genre a much-needed reboot.