Need for Speed Most Wanted U now available

Shane McGlaun - Mar 20, 2013
Need for Speed Most Wanted U now available

EA has announced that it is now launched latest game in the Need for Speed franchise. The game is called Need for Speed Most Wanted U and is available purchase right now. The game was developed by Criterion Games and is enhanced specifically for the Nintendo Wii U.

The game has features to make it social and more interactive. It is also designed to take advantage of the Nintendo Wii U’s interesting touchscreen GamePad controller. On the Nintendo game console players have a local co-op mode called Co-Driver. This allows one player to play using the Wii Remote and another to play using the GamePad.

The player with the GamePad is able to provide control and navigation assistance using interactive real-time map. Players can also use the controller to distract pursuing police, change from day to night, and activate enhanced performance for cars. The touchscreen controller also allows players to change cars on the fly and more.

Another interesting feature for the Nintendo Wii U is that players can continue playing on the touchscreen controller even when the game isn’t being shown on the big screen. The game also comes with the Ultimate Speed Pack expansion offering five incredibly fast cars. The standard MSRP for the game is $59.99, but EA is offering the game for the Wii U via Origin for only $29.99 right now.

[via Need for Speed]

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