Need a light? Lucifer has you covered

I've never really had any problem lighting matches myself. It's a relatively simple concept; grab the match, strike it against the box, and presto! You've got fire. Unfortunately, I still know people that to this day couldn't light a match to save their life.

Lucifer might just be able to help them out. I'm referring to a small device that holds matches, not some type of dark lord. It's really a simple device, it holds matches and when you need one you just tip it over and one slides out a little bit. Then you grab it, and as the tip comes out, it strikes against the hole and lights the match.

Now I admit that this isn't some type of grand invention that will one day save your life, or even make it easier for many people. It just looks cool, and it's a cool idea. For those of you that have difficulty lighting matches and don't feel like carrying one of these around everywhere, you might just want to buy a lighter.

Lucifer Hates Wasting Time With Inefficient Matches [via gizmodo]