NEC US110 - Tiny PC proves that size may in fact matter

Computers are great, I admit that I have a lot of them. While I enjoy having my laptop, it's nice to have a small computer that you can hide in parts of the house other than your office. While you'll still have to find a way to hide your monitor, here's a great little PC that is quite tiny.

You might not really want to use this PC for all of your standard PC functions, but its size makes it great for stashing just about anywhere. The US110 from NEC can run Windows CE, play MPEG and WMV files, which could make it a great little media hub.

This little guy is only currently on sale in japan for a little over $400. Honestly, I think you could probably do a little bit better for the money.

US110, the tiny little desktop from NEC. [via akihabaranews]