NEC updates LCD2490WUXi2 with improved color

NEC released an updated to their LCD2490WUXi2 display today in an effort to boost the color on this 24-inch LCD display. As a part of the MultiSync 90 series, NEC hasn't updated these models in a while, so this is a welcome announcement.

This was the very first WUXi and it now contains a 12-bit color lookup table for making the visible gamut much improved. Color brightness has also been significantly enhanced with 320cd/m2 brightness and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio.

The display's other features include VGA and DVI that's HDCP-encrypted, 90-degree swiveling on the base and more. We don't know when the U.S. will see this update, but Japan can expect the updated LCD2490WUXi2 starting on June 3rd for about $1,431.