NEC shows off PaPeRo telecommunications robot

Sure, cars that look like bugs are cool and all, but what we're really interested in seeing at Ceatec 2012 are robots. With that in mind, NEC did not disappoint, introducing us to its PaPeRo telecommunications robot. This isn't the first telecommunications robot we've laid eyes on, but it stands a pretty good chance at being the cutest (and/or creepiest).

For those of you who aren't in the know, telecommunications robots are used for, well, telecommunications. PaPeRo, for instance, is controlled by a remote user, who sees the images PaPeRo is capturing with its camera eyes on his or her own screen. In broad sense, telecommunications robots like PaPeRo allow you to attend important meetings, visit with family, or do some good old fashioned recon without actually being there.

As you can see in our video posted below, PaPeRo is controlled using an app – in this case, on a tablet. This isn't anything new for telecommunications robots, but with PaPeRo, it does seem like users have more control over the movement of the head. The video we have for you is quite short, but it should give a pretty good idea as to how PaPeRo is controlled remotely.

Of course, there are also speakers and a mic present for recording and playing back sound, so conversation between the two parties is possible, no matter the distance between them. NEC has actually been licensing PaPeRo to companies since 2009 (you've probably seen it in videos before today), but what we're seeing here at Ceatec is the first non-enterprise application of the robot, meaning it should be available commercially relatively soon. We'll be on the lookout for more details, so keep it right here at SlashGear for additional information!