NEC reveals new 24-inch LCDs for U.S. market

Brenda Barron - Jun 8, 2009
NEC reveals new 24-inch LCDs for U.S. market

NEC has made two new LCD displays available in the U.S. today to match the recent release of similar models in Japan. The LCD2490WUXi2 and the LCD2490W2 both sport 24-inch screens and feature IPS panels.

These displays have a much better image quality than TV or PVA screens and allows them to show 96.7% of the sRGB color space. Professional graphics editors could definitely make use of these.

Other features include auto-brightness, 12-bit color lookup tables, ambient light sensors a 320cd/m2 brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, VGA and DVI inputs and more. a SpectraView color calibrator comes with the LCD2490W2 display as well. You can get both models by the end of the month for $1,099 and $1,299, respectively.

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